Revolution Workshop


Brief History

Revolution Workshop (RW) is a non-profit workforce development organization founded in 2017 that builds skills, hope, and resilience in Chicago’s most underserved communities through accredited pre-apprenticeship construction training and job creation. Over the past 5 years, they have served individuals from Chicago’s South and West sides that have faced decades of disinvestment, segregation, and economic decline. Their training program encompasses a wide range of strength-building opportunities beyond construction that empower participants to break down their own barriers to success and navigate the barriers of pervasive inequality they’ll encounter out in the world.

Mission Statement and/or Core Values

RW was founded to achieve a two-fold mission: to reduce inequity in Chicago by providing training leading to financial prosperity for residents in underserved communities; and to decrease the acute talent shortage in the construction sector by providing diverse trained workers to skilled-trades employers.

Student Demographics

  • 5% identified as Black, 30.5% as Latinx, and 3% as white
  • 100% of trainees qualified as low-income, with 90% living in households that make under $25,000 per year
  • 78% of trainees received SNAP benefits, many due in part to our supportive services
  • Housing is often unstable for our trainees, and 55% have shared that they were either homeless or housing insecure
  • 70% of our trainees were unemployed at the outset of training
  • Of those who disclosed, 37% of our trainees identified as returning citizens, and 53% noted some form of justice involvement
  • Just shy of 13% of our trainees identified as women and 87% as men
  • 48% of trainees were between the ages of 18-24, 34.5% between 25-31, and 17.5% between 32-40


To date, RW has trained 338 individuals and 82% have graduated with certifications and credentials, and 90% of graduates have been placed into construction careers with an average starting wage of $18.76/hr. 20% of graduates enter into union and non-union apprenticeships. 85% of placed graduates retain employment at the three-month mark, and 71% at six months. 80% of graduates participated in support and continuing education through RW's Career Growth Services department, helping them to advance their careers and increase their salaries by $2-4/year.

Programs Offered

  • 12-week Pre-Apprenticeship Construction Training Program
  • 14-week Technical Professional Pathways Program
  • Wrap-around services for trainees including: Literacy and numeracy remediation classes, construction math classes, tutoring, employment, executive functioning, financial capabilities, and trauma-informed 1:1 coaching and counseling.
  • Alumni services including: Wealth building through financial counseling, long-term planning, and workshops; and in-house technical training workshops.

Career Pathways

Success Story


  • Manny RodriguezFounder & Executive Director

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3410 W Lake St, Chicago, IL 60624

(708) 529-6288