Green Community Builders at Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos High School


Brief History

The PACHS-GCB YouthBuild Program is a stand-alone program, since 2021, under the Emerging Program category. The program continues to implement and solidify the PACHS-GCB YouthBuild program, to provide low-income youth a pathway to high school completion, pre-apprenticeship training that support education, occupational skills training, and employment services to at-risk-youth ages 16 to 24, while performing meaningful work and service to the community. Case management and supportive services are provided, in addition to opportunities to earn a high school diploma, occupational and life skills training as well as employment services to at-risk-youth. The program plans to serve a cohort of at least 15 stand-alone participants beginning on January 31st, 2022. The school is located in the Humboldt Park community in Chicago.

Mission Statement and/or Core Values

The Green Community Builders (GCB) is a YouthBuild Program at Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos High School. Our mission is to enhance the quality and lived experiences of program participants while creating value through community service, leadership development, as well as providing educational opportunities, and pre-apprenticeship training that may lead to family sustaining wages, and career in the construction industry and/or post-secondary pathways. Our vision is for the students to provide community service and create a legacy in the community by building low-income housing.

Student Demographics

Demographically, students reside in 24 different zip codes across Chicago, 91% are low-income, 68 % are Hispanic, 31% are African American, 1% are White and 50% are students in temporary living situations. We serve 59% women and 41% men within our school population.


To date, 90% of our YouthBuild participants earned their high  school diploma, 60% completed their NCCER, OSHA10, First Aid or CPR, and  100% completed at least 25 community service hours.

Programs Offered

The Green Community Builders YouthBuild Program is a pre-apprenticeship program that serves students between the ages of 16 to 24 and provides hands – on training in the construction industry. Through a holistic approach, students receive wrap-around services and earn their high school diploma through our high school. They may also earn a small stipend for participating in the program and transportation cost if needed. Our partners train the students in basic carpentry, electricity, and plumbing skills. In addition, the students obtain OSHA and NCCER certifications to be ready for entry level employment in the construction industry or further education in the construction trades.  They also have the opportunity to earn college credit towards a degree or certificate while in high school.

Career Pathways

  • Construction 
  • Information Technology 
  • Hospitality 
  • Certified Nursing Assistant 
  • Trade

Success Story

Robert M. is a success story. After struggling with engagement and not finishing his high school diploma at another school, he joined Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos-Green Community YouthBuild Program to earn his high school diploma and solidify his post-secondary plans. He is applying for colleges this week and looks forward to a career in law. He walked into the YouthBuild program with an intrinsic motivation to learn and grow. He learned to hold himself accountable and to act with integrity throughout his time in the YouthBuild program.


  • Executive Director: Marvin Garcia
  • Principal: Dr. Melissa Lewis
  • Consultant on Post-Secondary Partnerships and Workforce Development: Lizzette Richardson

Contact Info

Address: 2739 W Division Chicago, IL 60622

Phone: 773-342-8022

Fax: 773-342-6609

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